Different contexts make for different sermons.

Friends: No preacher preaches the same sermon twice. Different contexts make for different sermons. A preacher keeps working with a biblical text and the text works with the preacher so the second time around, the sermon will be different.  I preached this sermon, in a studio, a couple of months ago for Jim Somerville’s AContinue reading “Different contexts make for different sermons.”

Preaching at First Baptist Asheville

My friend and former student, Mack Dennis, is taking a sabbatical this summer and has invited me to preach for the next four Sundays at First Baptist Church, Asheville, NC.  Join us this Sunday morning at 10:00am if you are in the area when I’m preaching on Mark 4:35-41 “Jesus Cares – But Not AlwaysContinue reading “Preaching at First Baptist Asheville”