Different contexts make for different sermons.

Friends: No preacher preaches the same sermon twice. Different contexts make for different sermons. A preacher keeps working with a biblical text and the text works with the preacher so the second time around, the sermon will be different.  I preached this sermon, in a studio, a couple of months ago for Jim Somerville’s A Sermon Every Sunday. You can read the manuscript here.

B32: The Sixth Sunday after Pentecost, Year B (2021)

Then, I preached a sermon on the same text on July 4 at First Baptist Asheville.  I thought some of you might like to see how that sermon kept changing and how a different context helped to produce a somewhat different sermon. 

How did the two sermons differ, and if they did, how do you think the context informed those differences?

Preaching at First Baptist Asheville

My friend and former student, Mack Dennis, is taking a sabbatical this summer and has invited me to preach for the next four Sundays at First Baptist Church, Asheville, NC.  Join us this Sunday morning at 10:00am if you are in the area when I’m preaching on Mark 4:35-41 “Jesus Cares – But Not Always as We Expect.”

You can join online at First Baptist Church Asheville this Sunday by following this link.

Visit the church website for more information about the Festival of Regathering worship schedule and watch the live streamed service at Worship This Week, along with the bulletin, hymns, etc. on the church website. If you’re not in the Asheville area, you can watch the services later at the Worship Links page.