A Post-Election Call for Confession

Prayer of Confession for Trump Enabling Pastors Dear Fellow Evangelical Pastors: As increasing numbers of Trump’s buddies jump his sinking ship, I’m sure that his evangelical allies are afflicted with buyer’s remorse.  Even though many of you are in churches that don’t have prayers of corporate confession, we all know that confession is good forContinue reading “A Post-Election Call for Confession”

Evangelism: The Old-Fashioned, Wesleyan Way (In Contemporary Idiom)

Next month, on election day, Paraclete Press will republish my first “church book” The Gospel for the Person Who Has Everything. I put this book together upon arriving at Duke (the first time), having served a couple years in my first South Carolina appointment. You can preorder it from Amazon here. Here’s the preface IContinue reading “Evangelism: The Old-Fashioned, Wesleyan Way (In Contemporary Idiom)”

Courage and Compassion: Preaching a Prophetic Message

I appeared yesterday on a panel hosted by my fellow Wofford Terrier Rev. Lisa Yebuah with Rev. Dr. Jevon Caldwell-Gross of St. Luke’s UMC in Indianapolis, Indiana and Bishop Gregory Palmer of the West Ohio Conference. Entitled “Courage and Compassion: Preaching a Prophetic Message,” we hoped to provide preachers with the encouragement they need to continueContinue reading “Courage and Compassion: Preaching a Prophetic Message”

Using the Pulpit to Fight White Supremacy

A reminder: tonight at 7pm on Zoom Dr. David Goatley and I will be hosting a free webinar we’re calling Confronting Racism Through Preaching: A Conversation. We’ll be talking about what preachers, especially those preaching to white congregations, can do to help their congregations to recognize and heal from the sin of white supremacy.

Preaching Challenging Messages So They’re Heard

A nice complement to the Confronting Racism Through Preaching series I’m doing with David Goatley (starting Tuesday September 29 at 7pm, more details at the link) would be Lisa Cressman’s Preaching Challenging Messages So They’re Heard webinar. Coming out of her new book The Gospel People Don’t Want to Hear: Preaching Challenging Messages in theContinue reading “Preaching Challenging Messages So They’re Heard”

Confronting Racism Through Preaching: A Conversation

Racism is an ever-present problem around the world, in North America, and in the United States. Addressing its historical, contemporary, and future injury requires a credible and compelling witness of the Church. Essential to this work is preaching that confronts racism. My friend David Emmanuel Goatley director of the Office of Black Church Studies and IContinue reading “Confronting Racism Through Preaching: A Conversation”