Reading Barth Together: Session V

We had our fifth Reading Barth Together webinar yesterday. Stanley and I invited Justin Coleman and Jason Micheli to join us on the panel with the intention of talking about Barth and the local church, though we ended up talking more about what it means to be the church during the mess we’re in. YouContinue reading “Reading Barth Together: Session V”

Crisis Preaching for Barthians

You will likely not be surprised to hear that I have been talking again with the Crackers & Grape Juice crowd (specifically Jason and Johanna), this time about Karl Barth’s Homiletics book which emerged from his lectures on preaching during the Nazi rise to power in the early ’30s. We talk about the tension betweenContinue reading “Crisis Preaching for Barthians”

Reading Barth Together: Session III

We had our third webinar this morning, covering Barth’s discussion of the second article of the Apostles Creed—”I believe in Jesus Christ…”—in chapters 10-20 of Dogmatics in Outline. If you were not able to attend the live stream, you can now watch it on my YouTube channel: And here is an updated document with theContinue reading “Reading Barth Together: Session III”

Reading Barth Together: Session II

We had our second session of the Reading Barth Together webinar series today, covering chapters 5-9 of Dogmatics in Outline. You can watch it on my YouTube channel here. Here is a document of questions submitted for consideration during the webinar: Stanley closed with this prayer which I share with you now: God of Time,Continue reading “Reading Barth Together: Session II”

RBT Session 2 Preparation

The second Reading Barth Together webinar on Dogmatics in Outline with me and Stanley is Tuesday morning (5/12@10 AM EST). We’ve been able to increase the capacity to 1000 participants, so I hope that there will be enough room for everyone. We’ll be covering Barth’s Doctrine of God which is in Chapters 5-9. You canContinue reading “RBT Session 2 Preparation”