Just in time for Christmas

I’ve really enjoyed the response to my novel, Incorporation. On the Peculiar Prophet blog I’ve posted the fun interview/review that Lillian Daniel did with me in the Christian Century as well as some of the responses to the book.  I even used the book in my Introduction to Ordained Ministry class and the class feltContinue reading “Just in time for Christmas”

Flawed and fallen folk

An interview published in The Christian Century Oct 07, 2013 by Lillian Daniel After publishing 64 books on theology, worship and church leadership, William H. Willimon wrote a novel,Incorporation (Wipf and Stock), about a large suburban congregation, its dysfunctional staff and its narcissistic senior pastor. We wanted to know what led Willimon to try his hand at fiction.Continue reading “Flawed and fallen folk”

Praise for novel Incorporation from Flo Johnston in Chapel Hill News

Publishing a book is no new experience for Will Willimon, a retired bishop in the United Methodist Church now living in Durham and teaching at Duke Divinity School. He has written 60 of them, all dealing with church related topics, including several on the art of preaching, one of his long suits. But recently, heContinue reading “Praise for novel Incorporation from Flo Johnston in Chapel Hill News”