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Reverend Dr. William H. Willimon

Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry, Duke Divinity School.

Dean of the Chapel at Duke University (’84-’04)

Bishop of the North Alabama Conference of The United Methodist Church (’04-’08)

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The Latest from Will’s Blog

The Conversationalist God

I recently shared this article with Ministry Matters where I talk about the language of the Christian faith. “The truth about God comes our way through God’s refusal to give up on divine/human colloquy and abandon us to soliloquy. For good reason is Jesus ‘The Word.’ Whoever said, ‘I’d rather see a sermon than hearContinue reading “The Conversationalist God”

Starting out the Advent Season

Jesus begins the Christian year (or he does end it?) in an apocalyptic, deconstructing, dismantling mood as we encounter his words in Luke 21:25-36. It’s not the nice, neat beginning to Advent some of us might want, but here we are, left to wrestle with Scripture once again.

Conversations on God Turned Toward Us

I’ve had a great time recently talking about God Turned Toward Us and the Christian vocabulary with the Yale Center for Faith & Culture and Rector’s Cupboard. You can check out the episodes with the links below!

“I feared boredom more than heresy. They said nasty things about Jesus. Nobody ever said he was dull.”

Will Willimon, Accidental preacher

One of Will’s most recent publications, a memoir entitled Accidental Preacher, recounts, with characteristic wit and humor, moments from his rich vocational life.

Beginning with his childhood in a segregated South, Will moves through story after story of a life spent responding to God’s constant call.