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Reverend Dr. William H. Willimon

Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry, Duke Divinity School.

Dean of the Chapel at Duke University (’84-’04)

Bishop of the North Alabama Conference of The United Methodist Church (’04-’08)

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Preaching Challenging Messages So They’re Heard

A nice complement to the Confronting Racism Through Preaching series I’m doing with David Goatley (starting Tuesday September 29 at 7pm, more details at the link) would be Lisa Cressman’s Preaching Challenging Messages So They’re Heard webinar. Coming out of her new book The Gospel People Don’t Want to Hear: Preaching Challenging Messages in theContinue reading “Preaching Challenging Messages So They’re Heard”

Confronting Racism Through Preaching: A Conversation

Racism is an ever-present problem around the world, in North America, and in the United States. Addressing its historical, contemporary, and future injury requires a credible and compelling witness of the Church. Essential to this work is preaching that confronts racism. My friend David Emmanuel Goatley director of the Office of Black Church Studies and IContinue reading “Confronting Racism Through Preaching: A Conversation”

Called to Work

My dear friend, across-the-hall office neighbor, and favorite Canadian, Kate Bowler, invited me to join her for an episode of her Everything Happens podcast. We talked about how God is still in the habit of calling folks to do what God needs done and how that changes and remains the same as we age. YouContinue reading “Called to Work”

“I feared boredom more than heresy. They said nasty things about Jesus. Nobody ever said he was dull.”

Will Willimon, Accidental preacher

One of Will’s most recent publications, a memoir entitled Accidental Preacher, recounts, with characteristic wit and humor, moments from his rich vocational life.

Beginning with his childhood in a segregated South, Will moves through story after story of a life spent responding to God’s constant call.