Don’t Look Back Webinars

I wrapped up a series of conversations on Don’t Look Back: Methodist Hope for What Comes Next with the folks at Crackers & Grape Juice a couple weeks ago. We talked through the major themes of the book, and ended with Q&A on how we Methodists might move forward through this moment of division in our corner of the Church. I hope these videos will be a resource for you and your congregation! – Will

Worship Attendance as Countercultural

How often do we hear the pastor congratulate us on Sunday morning for being in church and participating in worship? In this sermon, I try and walk us through how this psalm explicitly defines God’s character and how it can make a difference in our lives by participating in the countercultural activity of attending worship each week.

Don’t Look Back Webinar Series

Over the next couple weeks, and beginning tonight at 7pm EST, I’ll be joining my friends at Crackers&Grape Juice for a three-part conversation on my book “Don’t Look Back: Methodist Hope for What Comes Next.”

My hope for these conversations and for the book is that they are constructive, moving-forward talks in a time where we find ourselves stunted by division.

You can find the registration link below. And I’ll note that if you cannot join us live, signing up allows for you to get the access to the conversations after-the-fact. I hope you can join!

The Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost, Year C

Luke 14:25-33 is, well, a daunting passage. We encounter Jesus’ searing words about hating family–even our own lives. Some might read this as too much of a cross to bear, but perhaps we can read this as “a gracious invitation to count the cost…to sign up for discipleship, to take up the cross and follow him, down a narrow,  demanding, but adventuresome way that few want to go.”

How do we get to know God?

Here’s a a Pentecost Sunday sermon called “The Holy Spirit Helps Us” based on John 14:8-17. I ask the question: “How do we get to know God?”  Through Jesus!  “How do we continue getting to know God and God’s will for us and the world?”  Through the Holy Spirit! But what does the Holy Spirit do? I hope you hear the good news that we are not alone in this world!