Ministry Professionals

“A pastorate too susceptible to the praise or the blame of the congregation is a betrayal of the larger claims of our vocation. Clergy were the first professionals, not because we had received some high level of specialized knowledge that was unavailable to others, but because we had a boy of doctrine to profess. We were those who had our lives yoked to some profession of faith. Without that linkage, our pastoral work too easily degenerates into unfocused, breathless busyness.”
Pastor: The Theology and Practice of Ordained Ministry (Abingdon, 2002)

How are you in your pastoral ministry clinging to your “profession”? Pastoral busyness looks like success, but is real ministry happening in your pastorate?

One thought on “Ministry Professionals

  1. Bishop,I am constantly evaluating the pastoral ministry as to performance or service. Our culture screams success and the Church has bought the worlds definition. It is all about the big, flashy and immediate…I am finding myself being more like the apostles and saying i will give myself to prayer and the word. I believe one hinderance is members of the local Church have a false concept as to the role of the pastor.Be Blessed!James Sizemore


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