Preaching Advent 2020: Recording Posted

Rick Lischer and I talked tonight about what possibilities open up for Advent sermons this year. After reflecting on what makes Advent distinctive, we considered some of the lectionary texts, watched and critiqued a portion of a sermon I gave during Advent at Edenton St UMC last year, and took some questions. You can watchContinue reading “Preaching Advent 2020: Recording Posted”

Preachers Dare: Excerpt II

Preachers Dare is a book that grew out of the Beecher Lectures I was scheduled to give this fall at Yale Divinity School. Drawing on my decades of preaching thousands of sermons, it’s a theology of preaching that begins at Barth’s maxim Deus Dixit, God speaks. For the next couple weeks, I’ll be running aContinue reading “Preachers Dare: Excerpt II”

Preaching Advent 2020

My longtime colleague Richard Lischer, professor emeritus of preaching at Duke Divinity School, and I are hosting a Zoom webinar November 18th at 7pm on the particular challenges and opportunities associated with preaching during Advent this year. We’ll consider examples and take questions. You can register for it here at this link. The Zoom roomContinue reading “Preaching Advent 2020”

A Post-Election Call for Confession

Prayer of Confession for Trump Enabling Pastors Dear Fellow Evangelical Pastors: As increasing numbers of Trump’s buddies jump his sinking ship, I’m sure that his evangelical allies are afflicted with buyer’s remorse.  Even though many of you are in churches that don’t have prayers of corporate confession, we all know that confession is good forContinue reading “A Post-Election Call for Confession”