Preachers Dare Launch Webinar

In October, I published Preachers Dare: Speaking for God, my theology of preaching. Preaching is brave speech drawn out of us because, Deus Dixit, God speaks, as Barth reminds us in the Göttingen Dogmatics, and God is determined to remain in conversation with us through us. For this launch webinar, I will be joined byContinue reading “Preachers Dare Launch Webinar”

On Leading with the Sermon

I was gratified to receive some kind comments about my book, Leading With the Sermon.  Donna Giver Johnston is a Presbyterian pastor in Pennsylvania.  She is currently working on a book on preaching that’s to be published by Fortress Press.  I’m grateful that my thoughts on preaching and church leadership struck a chord with this gifted pastoralContinue reading “On Leading with the Sermon”

Preachers Dare Review

The Christian Century has published a review by Johanna Hartelius of my new book Preachers Dare with whom I also recently spoke when she interviewed me with Crackers & Grape Juice about the book. She writes: The most profound insights in the book appear where Willimon traces his title’s assertion that “preachers dare” to theContinue reading “Preachers Dare Review”

The Future Belongs to Those Who Wait

During the Dean’s sermon on Sunday at the National Cathedral, Randy quoted from an old sermon of mine. Here it is in context: Advent proclaims that there is something more out there, something more that is coming, that the urging felt in the midst of our everyday lives is real, the emptiness we feel evenContinue reading “The Future Belongs to Those Who Wait”

The Gospel for the Person Who Has Everything Has A Study Guide

Paraclete Press republished last month a new edition of my first book for churches, The Gospel for the Person Who Has Everything. Now with Paraclete, I’ve made a study guide which might help church groups who want to read through the book together or folks reading alone but looking for a deeper engagement, with questionsContinue reading “The Gospel for the Person Who Has Everything Has A Study Guide”