The Future of the UMC: Fact or Fiction?

In Don’t Look Back I urged United Methodists not to become distracted by the machinations of General Conference votes, the Council of Bishops, and other factors that have little to do with the mission of the local church. However, many ask, “How did we get to this point as a church?” Rev. Susan Leonard–a friend, a pastoral leader of the South Carolina United Methodist Church, and senior pastor of Bethel UMC in Charleston, SC–offers a full, detailed chronology of general church developments, one of the most thorough and fair that I have heard. 

One thought on “The Future of the UMC: Fact or Fiction?

  1. The battle remains a timeless one. We tend to imagine something is new, whether in regards to worldliness and holiness or orthodoxy and heteredoxy, but it never is. We can see every single issue we face now in the pages of Greco-Roman history, scriptural history and church history. We just keep figuring out new ways to justify sin and fall from grace. And the irony here is that Methodism originated as a prophetic renewal movement (via a holistic, methodical and disciplined commitment to holiness) against the very same unbelieving, prideful, and idolatrous (worldly wise man) spirit corrupting the Church of England.


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