Summer Update

Please remember that Bishop Willimon will return with new posts in September after a busy summer of conferences and speaking engagments, such as the following event in Cambridge:

During the first week of August, Bishop and Mrs. Willimon will be in Cambridge, England, where he is speaking at the C. S. Lewis Conference at Kings College in Cambridge.  The C. S. Lewis Conference explores the significance of C. S. Lewis and his work for the contemporary practice of the Christian faith.  Bishop Willimon will be speaking on the notion of the belief in salvation as it relates to the life of C. S. Lewis.

“I have been pleased with the reception of my book on salvation, Who Will Be Saved? in England.  I was fortunate to have my book come out about the time that N. T. Wright’s book came out along the same lines.  He is Bishop of Durham, England, and it is gratifying to see how our thought seems to be running in complementary ways.”

This is Bishop Willimon’s second time as a leader in the C. S. Lewis Conference in England.  He will be speaking with other Christian writers like Philip Yancey, John Polkinghorne and Earl Palmer.

Also, please remember to visit our on-going conversation about young clergy:


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