On the Incarnation

My friend Daniel Childs who pastors Kindred Church in Chapel Hill invited me to share a catechetical sermon about who Jesus is through Kindred’s podcast feed with his congregation this morning, so I thought I’d share it with y’all too. You can listen to it on Podbean, Apple, or Spotify. It’s also embedded below.


Worship Matters: Part 1 Kindred Church Podcast

Kicking off our sermon series, ‘Worship Matters,’ Pastor Daniel helps us explore the first movement in worship: ‘Gathering.’ We have a God who’s in the business of gathering, and God expects us to be in the business of gathering too!Worship with us online each Sunday at 9am here, or check out one of our services on your own schedule here.Click here to make a donation to Kindred Church.
  1. Worship Matters: Part 1
  2. Questions of Faith: Part 4
  3. Questions of Faith, Part 3
  4. Guest Preacher: Bishop Will Willimon
  5. Questions, Part 1: Is the Bible Reliable?

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