Reading Barth Together: Session III

We had our third webinar this morning, covering Barth’s discussion of the second article of the Apostles Creed—”I believe in Jesus Christ…”—in chapters 10-20 of Dogmatics in Outline. If you were not able to attend the live stream, you can now watch it on my YouTube channel:

Reading Barth Together: Session 3: Christ

And here is an updated document with the questions asked during the first three sessions:

Stanley closed us out with this prayer:

Lord of Time,
We feel we live in an uncertain time,
But then we are no longer sure we know
What a certain time may be.
That your Son ended up on a cross
Should have made us think twice
About our assumption
We know where we are in time.
In the meantime,
We ask for your guidance
That we may know how to go on
When we're not sure where we are.

We give thanks for your giving us
Karl Barth whose witness stuns us,
Making possible a recognition that we are
Creature that need one another.

Draw us close to You,
As we are distant from one another:
So drawn, let the world see
That we are not abandoned.

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